How Not To Forfeit A Promising Relationship by Folarin Olaniyi.

–          Do Not Be His Show Girl


Most single ladies make this mistake. You can never have a successful relationship with a guy without talking. Both of you have to talk, talk, and talk till it bores you.

Often times, guys prefer to show off their new girlfriend to their friends and foes. Then the lady becomes a show girl; today, Variety Nite and tomorrow, Dinner. Don’t get me wrong, shows would form a part of the happy moments in your relationship, but you must ensure it is not affecting the major pillar of every relationship which is communication.

With communication, both of you get to understand each other. You know his weaknesses and strong points, while he knows yours and your strong points. What can be more beautiful than this?


–          Let Him Know Your Feelings


    Guys are neither Fortune tellers nor magicians. We are not perfectand that is why most of our decisions if not protested against, will later bounce back on you.

When some ladies are angry, they prefer to keep mute and expect the guys to read their mind and toe the right path.

Definitely, guys can be very pathetic. Talking might not work, but keeping mute can puncture a guy’s ego and make him see things clearly.

But, I tell you, sincerely, this will only work when the guy knows that what he has done is wrong.

Speak out; make him see things, so that when he turns his back at you, you won’t have to protest.

Let him know your feelings as soon as possible but please and please, be civil for guys, most guys, are egocentric.


–          Do Not Get Back At Him

             All my life, I have been loyal to my girlfriends. Even when I discover that my girlfriend is going out with another guy, my loyalty to the relationship still remains unshakeable.

If you are the type that feels that going out with another guy to make your boyfriend jealous will solve the problem, then you are just being stupid. It is just like a warrior that runs from the war front and goes to the inner town tavern to drink away his worries.

Relationship is war; it is a game of power. And all games of power calls for the thirty seven strategies of war.

Getting back at him is like saying you are not sure of your capabilities in the relationship. It is like saying that the love you felt for him was mere infatuation. It is like saying you don’t know what you want.

–          Let Him Know You Are Sincerely Busy

              For every time I tell a girlfriend that I am busy, there is a sincere reason behind it. Why do you have to tell him you are busy when you are not?

A friend’s girlfriend told him she would be extremely busy the next day. When the next day would come, I saw this girl with another guy. What is she busy doing? Going out with another guy!

Before you date, you need to ask yourself some salient questions. Do I want him to be the guy or just a friend? Is he the type of guy I can count on? Can he boost my profile?


–             Go For The Goal

       Some ladies can go out with all the guys in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, the right one will pass by but they will be busy frolicking with the dumb guy next door.

Relationship, just like every other game of life, is a game of risk. You cannot score two goals at the same time. If you are not willing to take the risk, in time you will be the one looking for a broad shoulder to cry on. I promise you.

But not to worry, I have a broad shoulder you can cry on only that you will have to pay per minute.